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Motocross, Bike

1. How can I order a decal/graphic for my bike?

That’s quite easy. If you like any of our existing designs (find all our current designs in our shop), you can specify your decal with your logos, name and number directly in our shop and simply place the order with the selected design. Within one week, you will receive a draft of your decal. If the design of the decal meets your expectations, it will be sent to your address as soon as we have received the payment. If you do not like any of our existing designs or if you just want your own customized decal, just contact us and we will send you a tailor-made design and offer.

2. Who will stick my decal onto my bike?

Basically you can stick your decal onto your bike yourself. Since our decals are precisely fitting and we only use wrappings that are easy to stick, self-sticking is not a problem – not even for persons with a lack of experience in it. Of course you also have the option to let us do the work and stick your decal for you. Either you come and visit us with your bike or you just send us your plastic kit, we stick the decal and return it to you. If desired, we can also stick your decals onto a new plastic kit and send it to you. For the decal sticking we charge 64,90€. The prices for the new plastic kits can be found in our shop.

3. I also need a new plastic kit, can I order it from Unite Graphics?

Yes, of course you can. Thanks to our great partners at RTech, you can conveniently order your plastic kit (to the same conditions) in our shop. Find all prices and details in our shop.

4. Are there any price discounts for retailers, clubs/unions/associations?

Of course, we offer price reductions for larger purchase quantities, please contact us for more information.

5. I design my decal(s)/graphic(s) myself, can you print it/them?

Of course we can print your self-designed decal/graphic. Just send the vector file to We will contact you afterwards regarding pricing and delivery time.

6. Can I also reorder individual parts of my decal/design?

Yes, that is possible too. To reprint items from your existing decor, send us a message to We will contact you afterwards regarding pricing and delivery time.

7. I would like to have an individually-designed jersey for myself or my club/union/association. Is that possible?

Yes, that’s of course possible. We can create and produce a completely customized jersey already with an order quantiy from one piece only. Please contact us if you plan to purchase larger quantities. Please note that the delivery time for tailor-made jerseys is approximately 3-4 weeks.

8. How can I order an imprint of my name and number for my jersey?

It’s very simple: You only have to select a font or number style in our shop, then select the desired colors in the given text fields and of course tell us your name and number. You will then receive a draft of your jersey (initial draft included, for each additional change, 4.90 € will be charged). Once you have confirmed the design, you can send us your jersey to the following address: Unite Designs, am Hatric 155, 8230 Hartberg. Once your jersey has been delivered to us, you will receive your invoice. After having received your payment, your jersey will be printed and returned to your address.