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Textile Printing

Textile advertising has become an indispensable part of our daily lives – almost every company, every sports club, but also private persons, count on unity and communicate their messages on textiles of all kinds. From t-shirts and polos for various occasions such as birthday parties, bachelor parties, graduation trips, etc., up to softshell jackets with your company logo and corporate design.


We offer a comprehensive selection and we advise you regarding the appropriate textile type, printing design and printing process and realize your ideas, regardless of the desired quantity.


You do not yet have a logo or image for your textile printing? We assist you in creating and designing your own logo or your individual graphic.


Our services:


• Textile printing for companies, associations/sports clubs and private individuals
• T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, caps, softshell jackets, and more
• Sportswear (jerseys, tricots, team kits, etc.)


Screen printing
Screen printing is one of the highest quality printing processes. The principle of the screen printing process is quite simple: the printing ink is printed on the material to be printed with, using a mesh to transfer the ink onto a substrate.


Flex- & flock printing
In flex and flock printing, the motif is first cut out using a cutting plotter, and then removing the waste wrappings so that only the desired motif remains. Subsequently, the individual components are welded with the textile under heat and pressure, little by little creating the finished motif. Flex and flock printings differ only in their surface: the flex print has a smooth, rubber-like surface, while the flock print impresses with its velvety surface. Embroidery The main advantages of embroidery are its durability and ease of care. In addition, embroidery convinces with its unique optical effect and it is particularly hard-wearing. Automated embroidery machines enable a particularly precise embroidering with the smallest details.